Digital Dentistry

Enhancing treatment, improving results: what digital dentistry means for patients

Bringing the latest technologies to Whitchurch

Whether you’re coming to Holmes Dental Care for implants or teeth whitening, crowns or orthodontics, our investment in digital dentistry will have a positive impact on your experience. Few practices in the Cardiff area have as much technology under one roof as we do, meaning that our patients benefit from treatments that are faster, more accurate and more efficient than ever before.

Digital dental equipment

CEREC: when speed is of the essence

CEREC allows us to create same-day restorations at Holmes Dental Care. By combining state-of-the-art software with a cutting-edge in-house milling machine, we can plan, fabricate and fit your restoration in just a single dental visit. If you need a crown, onlay or veneer, we can use CEREC 3D software to design it – this information is then sent to the milling machine, which accurately creates your restoration from porcelain. Meanwhile, the dentist can prepare your tooth by gently filing it, under local anaesthetic if necessary, into the best shape to accommodate the restoration. Your crown, veneer or onlay can then be attached, and you can leave the practice with your same-day restoration securely in place.

Watch the design and manufacturing process

CEREC means…

…no messy impressions. Getting traditional dental impressions is a messy, gloopy affair that many patients dislike. With CEREC, dental impressions are created using advanced digital imaging, so you can view a 3D model of your jaw onscreen, in complete comfort, before your crown, bridge or veneer is made.

…no wait time. Once you and your dentist are happy with your proposed restoration, CEREC’s digital technology translates the 3D image to an in-surgery milling machine, which accurately engineers your restoration from a block of colour-matched porcelain – all while you wait!

…no multiple appointments. With CEREC, the dentist can prepare your tooth, and design, mill and fit your new prosthesis in just one sitting, reducing the wait time from weeks down to hours.


Improving accuracy with digital equipment

We’ve invested heavily in equipment that bears out our commitment to the highest quality dental care – and prevents the need for our patients to be referred elsewhere. Our CBCT scanner generates highly accurate 3D images that allow us to carefully plan your treatment procedure, without the need for messy dental impressions. A state-of-the-art dental microscope enables us to carry out gentle, highly accurate root canal therapy, while our Waterlase dental laser replaces intimidating dental drills and scalpels, making your experience more comfortable than ever before.

Digital dentistry equipment: CBCT scanner
Digital dentistry equipment

Promoting healing with L-PRF

L-PRF is a chairside procedure that is proven to promote faster healing, so it’s ideal for oral surgery procedures, including extractions and dental implants. By collecting a blood sample, just as you would experience in a routine blood test, we can use our in-house L-PRF machine to separate and concentrate the most important cells and active proteins in your blood. The result – called Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) can be applied to the wound to speed up healing and promote bone integration.


Which services can digital dentistry enhance at Holmes Dental Care?

  • Dental implants
  • Crowns, bridges and dentures
  • Veneers and smile makeovers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Teeth straightening
Digital dental equipment - laser

I could not have wished for a better service from everyone, especially Barry who I have just completed my Six Month Smile treatment with. Any problems with brackets or anything at all wrong with my braces and I was able to be seen promptly and any issues were resolved promptly (not that there were many).

My braces were on for 7 months and I can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much to all the team – I would definitely recommend the service.

LD, had Six Month Smiles braces

I broke my tooth, part of a bridge, in April 2013 and the treatment I have received since has been excellent. Initially I had a plate put in to replace the teeth but I found this difficult to cope with and decided to have some implants put in. The whole procedure was explained to me in great detail to make sure I was happy with what was planned and what I needed to do.

I had two major surgeries with this: the first was a bone graft and the second was to place the implants in. Both surgeries were handled in an excellent manner again with all the procedures being explained beforehand. I found that I did not have any problems with the surgeries at all.

It was also nice that the dental surgery phoned the day after surgery both times to make sure everything was fine and that I did not have any issues. The aftercare since has been great and I have found the whole service from start to finish excellent and it is nice to be able to smile again with front teeth in place.

PW, had implants & bone grafting

I was absolutely delighted with the two new crowns that Barry carried out for me. My old crowns from many years ago looked large and ugly and a poor match to my other teeth.

Barry took enormous care to ensure a perfect match, re-shape the crowns by a series of impressions and fine-tuned the temporary crowns. The end result was amazing and I am thrilled to bits.

SB, had aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry

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