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Recent advancements in technology have made teeth straightening a truly viable option for adults – so if you’ve always felt that you missed an opportunity to have braces as a child or teenager, you can rest assured that it’s never too late to achieve a perfectly straight smile. Today’s cosmetic solutions are fast and visually subtle, allowing our Whitchurch, Cardiff and South Wales patients to undergo teeth straightening without it impacting on their work or lifestyle. When you book a consultation at Holmes Dental Care, we’ll talk you through all the options available to you, and draw up an easy-to-understand treatment plan that includes details of pricing and 0% finance.



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Orthodontics : clear brace

The fast fix: Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles needs little introduction – the fixed brace system really can straighten teeth in around six months, reducing the treatment time of conventional braces by up to two and a half years. Targeted for the front teeth, Six Month Smiles is not only a convenient option for speed; its technology extends to aesthetics too, with tooth-coloured braces and wires. These exert a continuous force on the teeth, gently moving them into the desired position. To find out if Six Month Smiles is suitable for you, book a consultation at Holmes Dental Care today. Look at and read about Dr Barry Holmes’ use of Six Month Smiles.


The removable appliance: Inman Aligner

A removable appliance, the Inman Aligner is designed to straighten the front teeth quickly and safely. Typically, treatments can be completed in 6-18 weeks, so it’s an excellent solution for anyone who needs their teeth straightening fast, prior to further cosmetic work, such as veneers or bonding. Because it is removable, you can eat and clean your teeth easily and conveniently, reducing the risk of hygiene problems that fixed braces can cause. Book a consultation at Holmes Dental Care to find out if Inman Aligner is right for your needs.

Inman Aligner - orthodontics at Holmes Dental Care
Orthodontics - clear aligner being inserted into mouth

The clear aligner: Clear Correct

Available at Holmes Dental Care, the Clear Correct system involves wearing a series of clear aligners that enable the straightening of tilted, crooked or rotated front teeth. They’re almost invisible while you’re wearing them, and you can remove them for eating and cleaning – making this a great option for anyone whose lifestyle wouldn’t permit them to wear fixed braces. Treatment usually lasts between three and 24 months (depending on the complexity of each case). Find out if invisible braces are the way forward for you with a teeth-straightening consultation at Holmes Dental Care.


The covert brace: Secret Smile

Designed to straighten the front six-to-eight teeth (rather than your bite), Secret Smile braces are fitted to the back of the teeth and can move them into the desired position in as few as six weeks. Similar to train tracks, but completely invisible, Secret Smiles brackets are custom-made using your digital dental impressions and photographs. The high-tech nature of the Secret Smile system makes the braces comfortable and easy to adapt to. Consult Holmes Dental Care today to find out if Secret Smile is right for you.

Dental mirror reflecting traditional brace
clear brace closeup

The best-of-both-words brace: Simply Smile

Combining clear ceramic brackets with white wires, Simply Smile braces offer all the reliability of fixed braces with amazing aesthetics and lightweight materials. As well as being discreet, Simply Smile braces are extremely tough, making them ideal for more complex teeth straightening cases. And because they focus on the front ‘smiling’ teeth, treatment is much faster than traditional brace systems – generally around 6-12. Also, Simply Smile offers all the same features as traditional metal braces, and so can treat all teeth. To find out if Simply Smile is right for you, book your orthodontic consultation at Holmes Dental Care today.


The traditional approach: conventional braces

When your teeth-straightening concerns go beyond the purely cosmetic, your dentist may recommend traditional fixed braces, which are often the best solution if you have a problem with your bite (the way your upper and lower teeth come together). Fixed braces are both cost-effective and reliable, using time-honoured techniques to move teeth efficiently and predictably, and treating the widest possible range of dental problems. As well as treating adults with fixed braces here in Whitchurch, we also recommend this course of treatment for teenagers. As with any teeth-straightening solution, the first step is to come to Holmes Dental Care for an orthodontic consultation.

Orthodontic brace in smiling mouth


How do I know which brace system is right for me?

Simply book an orthodontic consultation at Holmes Dental Care and we’ll quickly be able to establish which system will be most suitable for you. We’ll also talk you through what to expect from your teeth straightening in Whitchurch, and payment options such as 0% finance.

Will I need to have teeth extracted?

Thanks to our high-tech treatments, in the majority of cases you won’t need to have any teeth extracted – we always take the most minimally invasive option at Holmes Dental Care. In the unlikely event that an extraction is required, we will talk you through your options and explain the process in full.

Will wearing braces affect my speech?

No, in most cases braces don’t affect speech. Any temporary change in speech, especially with lingual braces, will soon disappear as you become used to wearing your brace.

Will braces interfere with activities like sports or playing an instrument?

Contact sports or playing an instrument may take a bit of adjustment when you first wear braces, but they will not stop you from doing the things you enjoy most.

Can I have braces if I have a crown?

In many cases, we can straighten your teeth even if you have dental crowns. We’ll confirm whether this is possible during your initial consultation.

Are there any risks with orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is generally low risk, but can include toothache, mild discomfort, mouth ulcers, gum infections and enamel demineralisation. At Holmes Dental Care, we monitor your progress closely and will work with our hygienist to ensure your oral health is not put at risk during treatment.

Before & After

Completed my Six Month Smiles treatment today. WOW! What a result. Thanks to Barry’s expertise, passionate approach and all his hard work – I’m all smiles. Thank you to all the practice team for making my every visit welcoming and friendly.

Amazing work, many thanks.

MR, had Six Month Smiles braces

Excellent dental practice. Professional and courteous at all times. Delighted with my new ‘straight’ teeth.

Thanks to all staff.

Dr ET, had Six Month Smiles braces

Dear Barry,

I just want to thank you for the fantastic treatment I've received from you over the past year. Not only did you do give me the smile I've always wanted, you made the whole experience comfortable and it was a pleasure to come to the dentist (believe me this is amazing coming from a former 'dentaphobe!').

You were always polite, patient, professional and explained all steps clearly. I would also like to thank the dental nurses who were so encouraging and supportive; expertly using equipment that was 'patient centred' providing comfort required - may seem small, but from a patient perspective this is very significant and really does go a long way!

This may sound extreme, but I will miss having to visit the dentist frequently; thank goodness for six monthly check-ups! You really are an asset to the dental world and I feel very lucky to have you as my dentist. So again, thank you for you skill and hard work; I can now smile with confidence! : )

JS, had Clear aligners (upper), Inman aligner (lower), bonding and aesthetic crown

After reading several positive reviews of the Six Month Smile treatment, I made further enquiries as to whether it would be suitable for me. I have always been conscious of my teeth but did not want to have to wear the traditional braces for 2 years to rectify the problem.

After a really useful consultation with Barry Holmes, I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Initially I was apprehensive (particularly at the thought of having to wear fixed braces for several months), but after some careful consideration I realised that it would help me regain my confidence to smile so was worth proceeding.

Now that I have had the braces removed, I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I would recommend the Six Month Smile treatment to anyone. It really has made such a difference to my confidence and now I take every opportunity I can to smile!

SA, had Six Month Smiles braces

Nearly one year ago I decided to go for the clear alignment treatment with Dr Barry Holmes and it was such a great decision.

I am so happy with the treatment and my smile! He is very professional and patient. I couldn’t recommend him enough. Thank you so much.

SA, had Clear Aligners & Tooth Whitening

4.9 70 reviews

  • Avatar Tony Fitz-Gerald ★★★★★ a month ago
    Everyone at the Practice is lovely, the reception was really helpful.
    I just went for a scale and polish and Eli was supportive and very thorough with his discussing of my teeth, how to clean them properly etc.
    I am a very nervous patient
    … More and the dental hygienist assistant… (sorry, forgot your name but you are the petite, pretty Polish girl) was wonderful at comforting me throughout the procedure and helping me get through the process.
    Huge thanks you you all,
    Ruth with the headphones and Abba music! X
  • Avatar Carol peett ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Had a root canal done by Dr Pasisi who was suberb - so reassuring and helpful. I am really scared of dentists and she and her dental nurse immediately put me at my ease and made the whole experience a really good one. The receptionist … More is also really friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend the practice highly enough.


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