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General Dentistry

Dental Health Examination (adult)

Dental Health Examination (child)

New Patient Examination (adult)

New Patient Examination (child)

Periodontal (gum) charting

Scale & Polish (20 minutes)

Scale & Polish (30minutes)

Scale & Polish with Air Polishing (30minutes)

Scale and polish with hygienist (open access 30minutes)

Ozone deep scale single arch

Ozone deep scale single arch

Root Planing (per quadrant)


Dentomycin application (per syringe)

X-rays – bitewings

X-rays – periapical


CBCT (3D x-ray)

Composite posterior– one surface (occl)

Composite posterior– two surface (MO/DO/OB/OP)

Composite posterior – three surface (MOD/MODP/MODB)

Composite anterior – one surface

Composite anterior – two surface

Composite anterior – three surface

Glass Ionomer restoration
From £60

Fissure sealant/PRR

Fissure sealants (4 molars)

Restoration in deciduous teeth
From £35

Sports guard
From £50 – 80


Rigid nightguard

Tooth Whitening (home kit)

Tooth whitening (in surgery and home kit) Enlighten

Sensitivity treatment with trays

Recement crown

Recement bridge

Sandblast of crown/bridge fit surface

CEREC crown

EMAX Zir CAD crown

EMAX crown

Porcelain bonded crown

From £900

Resin bonded bridge (per unit)
From £375

Root canal treatment – incisor/canine

Root canal treatment – premolar

Root canal treatment – molar

Root canal treatment – additional canal

Root canal open and dress

System B Obtura

Dentures – Full/Full

Valpast dentures
From £700

Acrylic denture (1-3 teeth)

Acrylic denture (4-8 teeth)

Acrylic denture (9-12 teeth)

Soft lining

Chrome Full/Full
£1000 per unit

Chrome denture (1-3 teeth)

Chrome denture (4-8 teeth)

Chrome denture (9-12 teeth)

Reline to chrome

Repairs (acrylic)

Repairs (chrome)

Addition of tooth/gum

Facebow articulation


Implant consultation
From £95

Implant placement
From £1200

Implant crown (zirconia)
From £1275

Implant crown (metal ceramic)
From £1195

Implant surgical template
From £180

Implant guided surgical template
From £395

Implant bridge (3 teeth)
From £3250 (bridge only)

Lower full denture stabilisation (with 2 implants & Novalocs)
From £4200 (implants and modification of existing denture)

Implant-retained lower full denture (Novaloc retention)
From £6500 (implants & new denture)

Implant-retained lower full denture (Createch bar retention)
From £8000 (implants, bar and new denture)

From £15000 per arch

Block bone graft – small
From £995

Block bone graft – medium
From £1395

Block bone graft – large
From £1795

Sinus lift (lateral window)
From £1195

Sinus tap
From £495

Biomaterials (Bio-Oss & Bio-Gide)
From £380

Guided Bone Regeneration
From £380

Advanced Platelet-Rich-Fibrin
From £125

Soft tissue graft
From £395

Ridge split (including biomaterial)
From £1995

CBCT scan

CBCT scan report

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enlighten® Tooth Whitening

Boutique Tooth Whitening

Oral Surgery

Simple extraction

Extraction involving bone removal

Complex surgical extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction
From £225

Removal of soft tissue lesion
From £125

Orthodontic extractions (children)
From £60

Extractions of deciduous teeth


Orthodontic free assessment

Orthodontic consultation (including OPT)

Orthodontic digital treatment planning & review

Clear brackets (ceramic) single arch
From £2495

Clear brackets (ceramic) upper and lower arches
From £3295

Six Month Smiles (upper and lower arches)
From £2795

Inman Aligner
From £1650

Inman Aligner with expansion device
From £1950

Clear Aligners Treatment 6-10 aligners
From £1500

Clear Aligners Treatment 11-20 aligners
From £2500

Clear Aligners Treatment 21-30 aligners
From £3000

Single Clear Aligner

Fixed/bonded retainer

Removable (Essix) retainer Essix A

Removable (Essix) retainer Essix C (extra strength)

Removable (Essix) retainer milled material

£85 per miniscrew

Please note if you require advanced root canal treatment with Dr Lyndon Meehan there is a surcharge for the following treatments given the level of expertise required:

  • Incisor/canine root canal treatment (£50 surcharge totalling £425)
  • Premolar root canal treatment (£75 surcharge totalling £480)
  • Molar root canal treatment (£100 surcharge totalling £700)
  • New patient consultations for root canal treatment (£95)
  • Endodontic restorability/feasibility of treatment charge of £175 (this fee is deducted from the treatment fee should you proceed with treatment)

Holmes Dental Care provides Patient Plan Direct payment plans as well as flexible payment options with Tabeo, which are interest free from 6, 10 or 12 months – to help you spread the cost of treatment. We also offer financing for extended/complex treatments, such as orthodontics. Details are available upon enquiry.

Why join our plan?

There are many reasons why you might want to join our affordable monthly payment plan, which we offer our patients as a simple and affordable means to spread the cost of your dental treatment.

  • It’s affordable, amounting to as little as 50p a day
  • Spread the cost of your dental maintenance with check-ups, routine X-rays and routine hygiene visits throughout the year
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on routine dental treatments such as fillings, root canal, crowns, bridges, dentures and gum treatments*
  • More cost-effective than private ‘pay-as-you-go’ care
  • Comprehensive insurance underwritten by Hiscox
  • Peace of mind wherever you may travel, our plan includes worldwide dental accident and emergency cover.
  • Encourages regular attendance at your dentist and improved dental preventive care, reducing the risk of oral and dental disease

*Excludes cosmetic/orthodontic and implant treatments


Thank you Barry and the team. With some trepidation in 2014 I made the decision to have two front teeth implants. Throughout the consultation and procedure I was impressed, reassured and cared for by everyone. Yes, I looked bruised and battered for a few days at each stage but I had very little pain.

It was all worth it and I am extremely happy with the result. Thank you Barry for your expertise, your professionalism and your warmth in caring for one very grateful, happy patient! I think you are a very good dentist. You are also an excellent teacher.

I wish you and your family and all the team my best wishes for a successful and happy future. Thank you. Diolch o Galon!

CD, had block bone grafting and implants

After considering extensive dental work for a few years and researching other dental practices, I chose you for a consultation.

From the very beginning and throughout the treatment, I found all of the staff friendly and highly professional. There was a personal touch and genuine care which I greatly appreciated.

RD, had Six Month Smiles braces, TW and bonding

May I take this opportunity to say how very satisfied I have been with the service you have provided. The fitting and use of the Inman Aligners has resulted in a very good outcome for me in a very short period of time (only some 6 months).

I am delighted by this success and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the treatment for anyone requiring the same sort of intervention.

WC, had Upper and lower inman aligners

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