Composite Bonding

Get a perfect, natural-looking smile with our minimally invasive,
affordable composite bonding treatment


Why choose composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment that helps you to hide or close minor gaps, fix chipped, fractured or discoloured teeth and restore your natural beauty. Choose this treatment to boost your confidence and create that dazzling smile you dream of.

Here at Holmes Dental Care, we will digitally plan your new smile using the latest in technology, high powered magnification and in collaboration with our team of award-winning lab technicians to achieve life-like results.

Using the utmost precision and artistic flair, we will expertly bond a tooth-coloured resin to your existing teeth to restore their appearance or restore their shape.

Part of an extensive range of smile makeover treatments that includes tooth whitening and tooth straightening/orthodontics, this quick and effective procedure will give you back your smile in just one visit.

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Composite bonding will…

  • Hide your tooth imperfections, gaps or discolouration
  • Boost your confidence
  • Get fast and effective treatment
  • Save money whilst restoring your smile

Why composite bonding at Holmes Dental Care, Whitchurch?

When you visit Holmes Dental Care, you’ll be in the safe hands of an award-winning team that combines innovative, future-focused dental care with a warm welcome.

You’ll feel completely at ease during your time with us and leave our Whitchurch dental surgery with a sparkling smile to be proud of.

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Does composite bonding hurt?

Composite bonding is a minimally invasive, pain-free treatment that doesn’t involve injections. Instead, the tooth-coloured resin will be applied to the clean surface of your tooth with no part of its natural structure damaged in the process.

Who is composite bonding for?

Suitable for almost everyone, composite bonding offers an excellent alternative to crowns or veneers. It’s perfect if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, fix gaps or cover other imperfections. It’s also a great solution if you need to cover an exposed tooth root or repair damage.

Can I eat immediately after treatment?

Yes! You can eat straight after your composite bonding treatment, although you might experience slight sensitivity and should avoid foods that are difficult to eat at first. After 24 hours, your teeth will return to full strength and you can make the most of your new smile!

How long does composite bonding last?

Composite bonding is a durable cosmetic dentistry treatment that can last around 5-7 years if cared for correctly. After this time, it can be replaced easily because treatment is minimally invasive, and no part of your tooth will be damaged.

Does composite bonding damage your teeth?

No, your teeth will not be damaged during treatment. However, the bonding materials may fade or chip over time.

How long does treatment take?

The composite bonding procedure itself is quick and can be completed in one visit lasting around 30 minutes. However, achieving a naturally gorgeous smile makeover takes time, so you should allow extra for your professional consultation, digital diagnostic planning and essential review.

When first put forward, the notion of having an implant, I was reluctant as there were no decent alternatives and the best solution to the problem that I had. Dr Holmes and his staff were excellent and we spent some time going through the treatments. Now, some months later, the implant feels as if it’s been part of my mouth. It is so comfortable. It’s part of me. Thank you.

JP, had implants

To Barry & all of the wonderful staff, I have had the most wonderful experience here.

The staff are extremely professional, supportive and immediately put you at ease. They were informative and helpful at every step of my treatment. I would highly recommend this surgery to anybody wishing to make some ‘life changes’.

I am a changed woman! For 36 years, I have been so paranoid about my smile and was always conscious when having photos taken. I now feel so much more confident and not conscious about my smile at all. I don’t think I have ever smiled so much! I am so so happy. I will be forever grateful to you all. I’m going to miss my little visits here!

Thank you! Thank you a million times over.

CD, had Inman Aligner & clear aligners

The professionalism of treatment and care is impeccable. The 6 month smile is highly recommended with incredible finished results accompanied by perfect finishing touches. Barry and the entire staff team have been a pleasure to visit every fortnight. My teeth are beyond what I ever expected.

NH, had Six Month Smiles braces

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