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Revolutionary Dental implant treatment all on the same day


Why choose All-on-4?

When all of the teeth in a jaw are missing or the remaining teeth are beyond repair and a patient does not want to wear a removable denture, it is often possible to place a full set of fixed, new teeth using the All-On-4 technique.

All-On-4 can be a perfectly suitable solution for people who have worn dentures for a long time as well as people with only a few wobbly or broken teeth remaining in their mouths.

At Holmes Dental Care in Whitchurch, Cardiff we have been using the All-On-4 system for many years and consider it a highly effective implant solution for replacing missing teeth. All-On-4 is a durable and attractive solution to complete tooth loss and enables patients to rediscover the simple joys in life of chewing, talking and laughing with natural ease.



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Life changing procedure

The All-On-4 technique uses four dental implants to support a fixed bridge replacing a full arch of upper or lower teeth (or both). All-On-4 is a system by which just four strategically placed dental implants in each of the upper and lower dental arches can anchor a full mouth of prosthetic teeth arches in place permanently, meaning uncomfortable, loose-fitting dentures that need to be removed nightly are a thing of the past.

This procedure is life changing for patients who may have been advised they have insufficient bone to support dental implants, or for patients who are unhappy with their current dentures or worn out bridgework.


Benefits of All-On-4 treatment

  • No more dentures
  • Improved social confidence
  • You will be able to taste food again, as the top of the mouth is not covered by a denture palate
  • Natural function and strength will be restored
  • The use of bone grafting is normally avoided which reduces the need for complex surgery
  • The use of just 4 implants in each jaw can reduce overall costs
  • High success rate and minimal discomfort or pain with this technique

All-On-4 is increasingly the preferred option for restoring a toothless mouth to full working order. Over the past few years Holmes Dental Care has been steadily building a reputation as a centre of excellence in Implant dentistry. Our principal dentist Dr Barry Holmes has unmatched experience in this technique in the Cardiff area and is available to provide this treatment on every day of the working week.


Clinical expertise in advanced dental implant techniques

Holmes Dental Care has an enviable reputation for implant dentistry across Cardiff, South Wales and beyond. Our principal dentist Dr Barry Holmes has been placing implants successfully for over 10 years with success rates of over 99% and is experienced in advanced reconstructive techniques that often accompany dental implant procedures. He was one of the first dentists in South Wales to attain a Masters Degree specifically in implant dentistry (for which he achieved distinction from the University of Bristol) and is well regarded as the study club director for ITI South Wales and registered mentor for the Straumann Dental Implant System (the Swiss company that is the global leader in dental implant technology) as well as full member of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners and Royal College of Surgeons, ITI (International Team for Implantology) and ADI (Association of Dental Implantology).


Am I a suitable candidate?

Usually yes, everyone who is considered healthy is typically suitable for dental implants. With modern 3D CT scanning technology, and our ability to regrow bone when necessary, nobody should think that dental implants are not possible for them and persevere with a loose or uncomfortable denture.

There are several different types of implants that can deal with different scenarios. If there is not enough bone we can stimulate and grow the bone in a procedure called guided bone regeneration (GBR) or bone grafting. There is also no age limit to implant dentistry. At Holmes Dental Care we welcome anyone from the ages of 21-80yrs+ be it after accidents, tooth extractions or following general tooth loss.


Payment options to suit every pocket

Finance options (including 0% interest free over 6 to 12 months and low cost finance over longer terms) are available for all dental implant treatments. To find out more about dental implants book an appointment or free virtual consultation.


Would you like to know more about Implant treatment?

If you are missing all your teeth, an implant supported denture can be a really effective, long-lasting way to replace them. We offer a variety of denture and implant combinations which can help to replace missing teeth. A consultation is the best way to explore all the available options, book an appointment or free virtual consultation with us to find out more.

Dental Sedation services at Holmes Dental Care

Nervous about visiting the dentist?

At Holmes Dental Care we offer Dental Sedation as a solution for dental phobia so that our patients can receive anxiety free dental treatment. Dental sedation helps patients to feel comfortable and relaxed and helps lengthy procedures pass quickly.



I have lost many teeth and feel embarrassed seeing a dentist – will you help me?

At Holmes Dental Care we are non-judgemental, empathetic and take a patient-centred approach. We appreciate some patients may have had difficult or traumatic experiences with their dental care over their lifetime and that this can have a negative impact on their feelings and anxiety about dentistry. Rest assured we will plan your treatment carefully and take the time to get to know you and your history, and importantly explain and show you how we can help you. If the thought of making an appointment is too scary, then we encourage you to book a free online virtual consultation with us from the comfort of your own home. We can get to know you and talk you through possible treatment options and answer any immediate questions.

How do All-On-4 Dental Implants compare to traditional implants?

The All-On-4 procedure uses only 4 implants to replace all teeth on an upper or lower arch. The angled placement of the implants of the All-On-4 procedure allows for increased support by using the natural support of the bone. Traditional implants procedures often require bone grafting, a process that can take 6 months or more. The All-On-4 technique requires no bone grafting for most patients, with a success rate that is equal to or better than conventional implants.

How long does the All-On-4 Procedure take?

After the initial consultation and full diagnostic planning process involving scans and models, the implants and new teeth will be placed often all in one appointment, even if extractions are needed. With All-On-4 treatment, it’s possible to arrive at the practice with failing (or no) teeth and leave the very same day with a beautiful set of fixed, functional teeth.

Before & After

My first implant has been completed today – a lower left 5 premolar. Barry and his staff have taken care to make it a pleasant experience and kept me well-informed and comfortable throughout. My thanks to them all.

Dr JC, had implants

I had lost a few back teeth over the last few years and I’ve been aware and very conscious of the gaps. I had a plate put in place but it proved to be uncomfortable and cumbersome in the mouth. Over the last year, I’ve undergone treatment for 2 implants which are now complete. I have had an amazing experience. I’ve been looked after well by Barry and all the staff involved in the process. Just having my new teeth is fantastic. This will give me new confidence and a fabulous new smile. Thank you.

SD, had implants

Dear Barry,

I am writing to you with regard to the treatment that I needed to be done to my front teeth because my former dentist had done a really bad job on my teeth that it caused me to look for another to set it right.

When I first visited your practice there was a warm welcome from your staff and when I started my treatment that was done over a period of time it was done in a very professional manner and in a nice clean surgery. I was informed every step of the way what was going to be done and I am very pleased with the result.

I would like to say a very big thank you to you an your staff for the work done and support given to me over the course of my treatment and would recommend you to others.

JM, had implants
Michael Meredith
Michael Meredith
9 February 2024
Kind and courtious staff, Mr Homes explained things clearly and answered all questions fully.
Sheree Coles
Sheree Coles
4 February 2024
I had a tooth that needed extracting, but my NHS dentist was unable to offer a replacement. I did not want a gap, so asked to be referred to Holmes Dental Care for advice . Barry explained some options and I chose to have an implant. He explained it would be a complex extraction and may require a bone graft - I felt completely happy with my treatment plan as it had been thoroughly explained to me. My treatment required several clinical interventions, and I felt completely supported by Barry and his team, the entire time. I have now had my implant and am absolutely delighted with it. In fact, I have joined the practice and look forward to continuing to receive the expert care they offer
Marianne Pettifor
Marianne Pettifor
16 January 2024
I cant believe I now visit the Dentist without any fear after years of being terrified of dental visits. No pain, no fear and very creative amd clever dentistry. Thank you Barry Holmes for your amazing support. Marianne Pettifor
Ian Mitchelmore
Ian Mitchelmore
8 January 2024
Excellent service throughout the treatment process. Staff were incredibly welcoming, friendly and informative.
Joanne Everett
Joanne Everett
3 January 2024
This was my first appointment, but I was made to feel comfortable and welcome. The waiting area is especially good if you're nervous of going to the dentist because it felt more like a lounge than a clinical waiting area. I trusted the staff and the greeting by reception was really nice too
Flo Sava
Flo Sava
12 December 2023
Had a brilliant experience with the Teams at Holmes Dental Care. They were incredibly attentive, helpful and kept me up to date and informed throughout the entire process, a process that meant bone graft, bridge, tooth implant and everything in between. From Reception, Cleaning and Doctors all Teams are professional, yet friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend them.
Clive Morris
Clive Morris
7 December 2023
Well what can I say this team are bloody brilliant not only are they good fun but they seem to know exactly what they are doing, from the moment I attempted to eat a bidet to the moment I became a male model with women flocking after me in their droves 😁🥸😎 maybe a slight expansion of the truth there but it is cracking not having to smirk instead of a good old laugh. Any time the Holmes team need a reference I will be there like a shot. All the best and hope you and the team grow and grow and grow. Ps Barry I can’t remember did you say it would be £20 or £25 for a good review See you in Jan for check up Oh and can you tell the hygienist I am now showering every month 😂😂. See ya team
Samantha Ponchaud
Samantha Ponchaud
7 December 2023
Since moving to Whitchurch I had to find myself a new dental practise, a friend of mine in the area recommended me to Holmes dental care. And what a little gem the practice is, not only is it 10 min walk from my home, it’s been by far the best dentist I’ve been too . Dc Barry Holmes is very professional and knowledgeable man in his field giving me the best advice and outcome, and also very gentle when it comes to needles, something a few dentist in the past haven’t been! The whole team in there are very friendly, definitely a pleasurable experience, what a lovely practise in the heart of a lovely village. Thank you Holmes dental team.
stuart jones
stuart jones
7 December 2023
I’ve recently had some dental implants fitted with Barry and can’t recommend him highly enough. The whole team were very friendly and very professional and Barry’s workmanship was first class at all stages
Beverley Haincock
Beverley Haincock
7 December 2023
Excellent care and treatment. Extremely patient to one who has a slight phobia of the dentist. Cannot rate them highly enough. Barry is both kind and understanding and takes all the time it needs to make sure any questions one may have are answered fully.

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