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At Holmes Dental Care, the patient is at the centre of everything we do and it shows. Look at these glowing reviews from our many satisfied patients, over a wide range of our available treatments.

I am absolutely delighted with the results of my treatment I received with Six Month Smiles. I have always wanted straight teeth and though it was not possible. My dentist, Barry, talked me through the process thoroughly and the treatment I had was outstanding. The process is not painful. It was quick, less than 6 months for me and I soon forgot I had a brace. My family and friends all notice the difference as I can’t stop smiling. Thank you all for my new found confidence.

LG, had Six Month Smiles braces

I could not have wished for a better service from everyone, especially Barry who I have just completed my Six Month Smile treatment with. Any problems with brackets or anything at all wrong with my braces and I was able to be seen promptly and any issues were resolved promptly (not that there were many). My braces were on for 7 months and I can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much to all the team – I would definitely recommend the service.

LD, had Six Month Smiles braces

I broke my tooth, part of a bridge, in April 2013 and the treatment I have received since has been excellent. Initially I had a plate put in to replace the teeth but I found this difficult to cope with and decided to have some implants put in. The whole procedure was explained to me in great detail to make sure I was happy with what was planned and what I needed to do.

I had two major surgeries with this: the first was a bone graft and the second was to place the implants in. Both surgeries were handled in an excellent manner again with all the procedures being explained beforehand. I found that I did not have any problems with the surgeries at all. It was also nice that the dental surgery phoned the day after surgery both times to make sure everything was fine and that I did not have any issues. The aftercare since has been great and I have found the whole service from start to finish excellent and it is nice to be able to smile again with front teeth in place.

PW, had implants & bone grafting

I was absolutely delighted with the two new crowns that Barry carried out for me. My old crowns from many years ago looked large and ugly and a poor match to my other teeth. Barry took enormous care to ensure a perfect match, re-shape the crowns by a series of impressions and fine-tuned the temporary crowns. The end result was amazing and I am thrilled to bits.

SB, had aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry

My first implant has been completed today – a lower left 5 premolar. The procedure is expensive but has taken 5 - 6 months. Barry and his staff have taken care to make it a pleasant experience and kept me well-informed and comfortable throughout. My thanks to them all.

Dr JC, had implants

I had lost a few back teeth over the last few years and I’ve been aware and very conscious of the gaps. I had a plate put in place but it proved to be uncomfortable and cumbersome in the mouth. Over the last year, I’ve undergone treatment for 2 implants which are now complete. I have had an amazing experience. I’ve been looked after well by Barry and all the staff involved in the process. Just having my new teeth is fantastic. This will give me new confidence and fabulous new smile. Thank you.

SD, had implants

Dear Barry,

I am writing to you with regard to the treatment that I needed to be done to my front teeth because my former dentist had done a really bad job on my teeth that it caused me to look for another to set it right.

When I first visited your practice there was a warm welcome from your staff and when I started my treatment that was done over a period of time it was done in a very professional manner and in a nice clean surgery. I was informed every step of the way what was going to be done and I am very pleased with the result.

I would like to say a very big thank you to you an your staff for the work done and support given to me over the course of my treatment and would recommend you to others.

JM, had implants

As an extremely nervous patient, I was made to feel at ease and with full confidence in what was being done. The treatment took approximately 12 months but the end results are brilliant. I can smile without gaps and I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone. Barry is a truly fabulous dentist.

WC, had general restorative dentistry, including implants

I have been attending the dental surgery for dental implants, the operation performed by Dr Barry Holmes and I am very impressed by the service. The preliminary consultations were very thorough, all my questions were answered, all relevant facts and recommendations were given to me in writing. At no time was I pressurized to accept any treatment nor to make any decisions in a hurry.

The actual operation was carried out with great care: I felt that I was in good hands and that everything feasible was being done to minimise the discomfort associated with such a procedure. The ancillary and officer staff have been very friendly and courteous.

Dr HO, had implants

After reading several positive reviews of the Six Month Smile treatment, I made further enquiries as to whether it would be suitable for me. I have always been conscious of my teeth but did not want to have to wear the traditional braces for 2 years to rectify the problem.

After a really useful consultation with Barry Holmes, I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Initially I was apprehensive (particularly at the thought of having to wear fixed braces for several months), but after some careful consideration I realised that it would help me regain my confidence to smile so was worth proceeding.

After the braces were fitted, I went for regular check-ups and could start to see the difference the braces were making almost straight away.

The attention I received throughout the course of my treatment was exceptional: all my questions were answered promptly (even those I asked via email) and Barry was always flexible to assist with any minor problems that arose.

Now that I have had the braces removed, I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I would recommend the Six Month Smile treatment to anyone. It really has made such a difference to my confidence and now I take every opportunity I can to smile!

SA, had Six Month Smiles braces

Thank you Barry for your expertise, your skills and your professionalism. And, to all the team for your wisdom, your humour and your care!

A challenging day for me yesterday but thank you all you eased the pain. In my memory bank I know it will remain a fascinating and positive experience. I am confident I am in safe hands.

CD, had bone grafting

Had the ‘Six Month Smiles’ with Barry Holmes which took just under a year. He was very professional, efficient and caring. He explained everything in a very clear manner and had plenty of time to answer any questions. The overall result is amazing.
The staff were very caring and efficient and so friendly.
I would recommend the surgery to anyone who asks me! Many thanks! Can’t stop smiling 🙂

TV, had Six Month Smiles and restorative/aesthetic dentistry

Had Inman Aligner treatment with Barry and my teeth just look so great now. Initially, my front tooth was slightly pushed forward and I wasn’t happy with that. However, after having the treatment with Barry, the outlook of my teeth just changed. I’m so happy with the result. Thank you Barry 🙂

CL, had Inman Aligners

I just want to say a big thanks to the dental team.

I visited Barry in August 2013 due to my bottom 2 front teeth moving backwards, one further back than the other. Over 5 years I noticed how much it had made a difference and I just wasn't happy.

After meeting with Barry he did a consultation and explained that I could have the Six Month Smile and we have 2 options either having the brace top and bottom and the lower teeth would go back into shape but no guarantee that it would stay due to over-crowding or remove one tooth from the bottom due to the over crowding.

My first reaction was ‘Oh no’ to removing a tooth but after thinking about it, it made perfect sense as my bottom teeth didn't have the space for them. I made an appointment to begin the 6 month smile and took the plunge! I was so nervous, I had the tooth taken out and the braces fitted top/bottom and I thought ‘What have I done’.

Over the first few weeks the gap started closing and I was noticing the difference. I had them on the top due to my over bite, which I hadn't noticed until Barry kindly pointed it out. I never thought I would have the "perfect" smile but in the end I felt like that. The top brace was on for 7 months and the time flew, especially because your going back every 2/3 weeks for adjusting.

The top results were amazing and I didn’t think there needed much tweaking apart from the overbite but it sure did make the difference to the shape also. The bottom brace took just over 9 months, the gap is now closed I have straight teeth I couldn't be happier. I had 2 little chips in 2 teeth which Barry sorted out also.

I trusted him as a dentist and the team there were amazing, always there checking you're ok throughout the process. If your not happy with your teeth I would highly recommend the 6 month smile braces, they are also very discreet. Best money spent!!

Thanks everyone xx

HA, had Six Month Smiles braces

I am delighted with the reults of my Six Month Smile treatment. I had no idea that my teeth would or could look so wonderful. Thank you very much to Barry and all his colleagues.

Prof L-S, had Six Months Smiles braces

The dentist to me is my worst nightmare but having Barry by by side I’ve been put at ease which has resulted in myself having braces (Six Month Smile). This has been carried out by Barry, he’s been brill and to top it up I’ve come way with a lovely smile.

Nothing was too much trouble and his nurses have been brill too. To all reading this, don’t be scared, there’s nothing to fear. The staff are brilliant. Excellent treatment Barry.

DR, had Six Month Smiles braces

Thrilled with my Six Month Smile treatment, the time flew by with no pain, perhaps a little discomfort that was soon sorted with wax. Barry was very reassuring and painstaking, thank you so much. I have to remind myself that I can smile with abandon!

CA, had Six Month Smiles braces

Dear Barry,

Thank you very much for professional and excellent dental service you’ve been providing to me for the past one year. You’ve been very patient and supportive with my problems and concerns during treatment. I’m delighted with the outcome. Thank you for exceeding my expectations! Wish you all the best!

MH, had Six Month Smiles braces

Thank you for all the care and attention over the last few months. Together with your professional expertise I can now smile again with confidence.

MJ, had Valplast dentures

I had been considering for a while to improve my teeth, despite no longer being a 'youngster'. Although it took a little longer than expected, due to some stubborn roots, the result has been well worth the time and effort.

I was impressed with the attention paid to every detail and Barry never tired of providing considered answers to my questions and concerns. The end result is not only lovely, regular teeth, but also a wider smile which was an unexpected side-effect. I can well recommend this procedure and the care and support from all in the practice.

CG, had Six Month Smiles braces

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